Online Examination System Exposes Offline Exams

Image +44(0) 20 8090 3452 Online Examination System Exposes Offline Exams In this modern world, people are getting more internet and social media oriented. This demands a better, flexible and accurate system which changes in real time effortlessly. The Offline system lacks in fulfilling the needs of this rapidly growing world. Some of the disadvantages are listed below: The requirement of Resources: To conduct a traditional offline Exam, we require more resources. The traditional system demands the campus, staff, and faculty to organize an Exam.  Manpower and storage and maintenance of hard copies is a nightmare and expensive.   Not Adaptive with students/candidates In offline Exam system, the students who are differently abled may face issues in attending the Exams. Reaching Exam centre may not be possible for less fortunate people or society, writing the papers could be very difficult for them to manage. Authe