Exam and Examination Management

 Exam Management software is very important in terms of security and its availability to the right candidate.

How do we establish security? for Online Test Software

Multi-Factor Authentication is vital part term of security. Where students or candidates can provide their mobile or email and some form of authentication authenticator at the time of registration. 

Examination Management System is another topic of interest but let us focus mainly on authentication and authenticator.

How do we generate passwords for Exam Software?

What should be password length?

Should passwords have any special characters?

Should the password have the number?

Should password have any alphabets in lower case

Should passwords have upper case characters?

Examination Software should have strict password rules.

Do you think just having strict password rules is sufficient?


Password maintenance and expiry are important.

How about Question Bank Software security?

Protecting credentials and passwords are important but questions also need to be protected and maintained.

Test Management SoftwareAny institute needs to carry out due diligence to ensure that the authentication mechanism for Online Test Software is genuine and does not represent any security threat.

Examination Management Software

 Please check Online Test Maker for questions security.

Online Exam Software provides security during exams as well as registration and scheduling of the exams.
Online Examination Software provides security during exams and timely timing out in case of detection of breaking of security.


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