Entrance Exams for 11+

 How difficult is it to design an online exam software for 11+ students? 

When designing a system for eleven plus students one needs to be aware they can press wrong keys and assume it's correct. 

They can submit the exams without completing them as well.  There must be a number of considerations for writing Online Test Software for young pupils.

The first choice whether they will understand whether it's a Single Type Answerable Questions or Multiple Choice Answerable Questions.

One must have an adequate Question Bank System to ensure Single type and multiple type questions exist.

You might feel that if only objective types of questions are provided by the Question Bank Database then it would be easier for a student to click a write option. Yes, in the first instance you would be right in assuming it but once selected which may be a close enough answer but not the accurate answer desired by the Examination Software.

It provides lots of challenges in creating questions and providing the right answers. When designing questions must have certain rules for correction for students picking a wrong but close enough option.

An adaptive marking Exam Management software must be present to cater to human errors.

Most schools found that providing the objective type of questions is not the correct way for assessing eleven plus students. Any Examination Management system must have alternative options to the objective type of questions.

Subjective type of Question Bank Software found most suitable for 11+ students.

Please see the future article for Eleven Plus Entrance Examinations.

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